Nature’s Angels by Annie Pang

Today, I was finally inspired to write a story again.  It was a week ago, the last day of March, when I took my first maiden voyage in my car as far as Christmas Hill on my own.  I was quite overwhelmed with my lack of confidence.  I had no hopes of seeing any butterflies and so it was mostly a test of my endurance since I’d become ill.  What was so amazing was that I actually made it without any problems, aside from a horrendous amount of anxiety!!

Up until then, my photographs and stories throughout the fall and winter seasons had been about birds coming to my feeder or ducks along the nearby Gorge Waterway.  Therefore this trip to Christmas Hill was, for me, a long and lonely drive.  With camera and water around my neck I started climbing up the hill.  I didn’t have to go far at all.  Swirling orange was there to greet me almost immediately!  Two Satyr Comma’s were dancing in the sky, twirling around each other, probably for territory.  And then one landed right on the path to sun itself.  Although it took off several times, I know these butterflies and they tend to come back to the same spot.  One only needs to be patient and slow in approaching them to get a decent shot.  I got several and I was elated.   Due to territory disputes the other Comma was not allowed to land on the path and although this butterfly looked a bit worn, it was my first shot of the season.  Here are two of the best shots I managed to take.

P1190344 Satyr 3

P1190346 Satyr 2 with verse

I climbed up to the top of the hill and spotted a single Sara Orangetip but the day was far too warm for it to want to land. It took all of my energy just to get up to the summit and back down again.  But I was both thrilled and a bit sad because of my feelings of nostalgia.  How many butterflies would I see this season?  To date that is an unknown.

During this time of testing for me, the birds have kept coming to my feeder and on very special occasions, I have had a symbolic “visitor”, namely that lovely male Goldfinch.  As he has become more golden with the season, a friend has urged me to include this picture that I took since my last blog.  This occurred at a time when I needed feelings of hopefulness, and it seems this is when the angels of Nature come with their blessings.   Although I took many pictures, this pose shows him at his jaunty best.

P1190365 Goldfinch HP with verse

I’ve also had a flock of Pine Siskins return and their comical antics always make me smile.  They are fast little critters so to get shots of them on a branch is a treat indeed.

P1190375 Pine Siskin HP with verse

The nostalgia I’m feeling takes me back to the last trip I took to SwanLake a few weeks ago.  The day was fairly overcast and I had help getting there so I made the most of it.  I had seen several Golden-crowned Sparrows, but one happened to fly up onto a branch.  This presented a much better chance at a pleasing photograph than one would normally get, as these birds are mostly ground feeders.  I was pleased with this opportunity and made the most of it.

P1190334 Golden-crowned Sparrow March 31 Swan Lk HPDI with verse

So now I will leave you with a poem.  I have discovered something I never thought I would.  People.  People are a part of Nature too, and now they have become a very important part of my world.  They have read my stories and enjoyed my photos, poetographs and poetry. Today, one of them decided to do something very special for me because she had enjoyed my blogs so very much to date.

So here is to the human spirit and the kindnesses I have seen in human nature.  We are all connected and we need to remember that.  This poem and dedication that follow were inspired by one such “angel” today.  Alas, I do not have her picture except in my mind’s eye.

Nature’s Angels

I thought that spring had left me in the cold

I thought that maybe it would never come

because my weary spirit felt so old

because the shocks of life had left me numb.

But came a bird of gold again one day,

returning just to give me back my heart

and then a flock of Siskins came my way

and gold crowned angels came to do their part.

Up Christmas Hill I ventured all alone,

not thinking that I’d see a butterfly,

but there two Comma’s saw me on my own

and fluttered down from swirling on up high.

And then a Robin’s song came ringing clear

reminding me of angels always near…

Dedicated to my friend, Robin, who took me into her heart today. With healing hands and no strings attached, she helped me start on the road to a better life, where all things are possible when I believe and have faith in all of  Nature’s angels…and, most importantly, in myself.  And here is a thank you to all the human angels who have blessed me with their presence as they walk alongside me on my journey.


© Copyright by Annie Pang April 7, 2013.



About annieandterry

This is a blog shared by two friends who have never met in person, Annie Pang and Terry Thormin. We both live on Vancouver Island, Annie in Victoria and Terry in Comox. All communication to date has been either by email or telephone. We are both passionate about nature and conservation and we are both nature photographers. Annie is also a very fine poet and was a concert violinist, while Terry worked as an entomologist for the Royal Alberta Museum until he retired in 2005. We hope you enjoy this joint effort to share our nature musings with anyone who is interested.

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  1. What a wonderful blog Annie. I haven’t seen a butterfly yet and your excellent photographs were a blessing. Your poetry is always a treat to read. May our Lord be with you in your journey.

  2. So good to hear you have been out and about enjoying our beautiful world. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful self with us!

  3. Thought of you just the other day…as I too saw a lone butterfly. A flutter out of the corner of my eye while doing some dirty outside chores, I quickly looked up to see it dart around the corner to continue its journey – perhaps to you. While only offering me a quick glimps of its perserveriance…its persistance and promise of warmer days raised my spirits and reminded me…that when the caterpilar thought the world was over – it turned into a butterfly. My we all keep this in mind when the world seems to crash down around us…perhaps we are about to change we are only growing our wings and colours to share with the world.
    Thanks Annie

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