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I have decided to do something different in 2013. Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may remember a blog I wrote in June titled “A Passion for Dragonflies”. In this blog I mentioned a book that I was reading at the time (I first read it many years ago) written by Franklin Russell and titled “Watchers at the Pond”. The inspiration for many of my blogs this past year has been my observations and photography at Little River Pond, and much of the time Russell’s book has been in my thoughts.

The idea of doing something along the same idea as “Watchers at the Pond” has certainly intrigued me, and I have finally decided to jump in. I have decided to do an ongoing blog this year based on my observations at Little River Pond.

Little River Pond reflections 1

It will not be nearly as detailed as Russell’s book, but hopefully it will be filled with many photos, so more of a photographic journey but with lots of commentary. My plan is to do it in monthly chapters, although each month may require more than one blog. At the end of the year I hope to turn the blog into a Blurb Book.

I hope that many of you will follow this blog on a regular basis. I would also like feedback on what you think I am doing right and where I could improve what I am doing. This feedback could improve the blog, and ultimately the book considerably. I have decided that to keep the quality of the photographs as high as possible I will use photos from past years if I do not get anything suitable during the course of this year. I will also probably touch on some of the topics that I wrote on in the past year, but hopefully do it with a fresh eye.

I will still be blogging about other things as well, and hopefully my partner Annie will be contributing more of her great blogs and wonderful poems, so “The Pond” will just be a part of what we do. In the meantime I wish you all a great and productive New Year.



About annieandterry

This is a blog shared by two friends who have never met in person, Annie Pang and Terry Thormin. We both live on Vancouver Island, Annie in Victoria and Terry in Comox. All communication to date has been either by email or telephone. We are both passionate about nature and conservation and we are both nature photographers. Annie is also a very fine poet and was a concert violinist, while Terry worked as an entomologist for the Royal Alberta Museum until he retired in 2005. We hope you enjoy this joint effort to share our nature musings with anyone who is interested.

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  1. I like the idea of focusing on a specific place over time. Look forward to reading it 🙂

  2. Good luck with your project, I look forward to follow!!! 🙂

  3. With your for detail and your interesting take on Nature, this could be good, real good. Have fun in 2013, Terry. We await your thoughts.

  4. Way to go Uncle T! I have registered to follow your blog. It sounds very interesting. I am excited because in a way that only you can, brings me closer to the home that I love and miss so much…Canada!

  5. I look forward to the Pond observations, Terry!

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